Future Day offers a world of powerful ideas, a unique networking opportunity, and a load of fun.

The event kicks off at 10.30am and will go all day.

Address – 110 Grey St East Melbourne

Schedule in flux


10.30 – Welcome & Introduction

11.00 – Dr Mirella DottoriStem Cells [Stem Cells Australia, Group Leader, Stem Cell Lab. Centre for Neural Engineering, University of Melbourne] Video on Stem Cell Discovery – Melb UniMaking Life – Catalyst
12.00 – Colin KlineFuturology(ists, isms), Future Studies, How Well Have They … Performed, Are Performing, And Can
Ever Perform?
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13.00 – Lunch & Networking
14.00 – Peter Hayward – (Program Director, Strategic Foresight Swinburne) – Strategic Foresight – finding personal agency in the face of massive uncertainly

15.00 – Andrew DunTechnological Determinism [One of Andrew’s key interests is the ethical significance of consciousness – Andrew defends the view that the relationship between physical and conscious properties is one of symmetrical representation, rather than supervenience.

16.00 – Patrick RobothamxRisk – how much attention should we give the risk of extinction?

17.00 – James FodorWhole Brain Emulation & Computational Neuroscience Synopsis Within a few decades, I believe it will be possible to construct working simulations of an entire human brain. In this talk I will explain why I believe this, with reference to recent work in Computational Neuroscience, extrapolations of Moore’s Law, and other such matters. I will also address some common criticisms leveled against whole brain emulation, and briefly discuss some of the many ways I believe this technology will drastically change the face of society in the near future.

I’ll basically be presenting selected material from this publication, with some updates and additions of my own.

18.00 – Kevin Korb – (AI Expert, Monash Uni) – Australia’s Act of Intellectual Terrorism: DTCA (Baysian’s Without Borders)

Note, that there will be time in between talks for Q&A, lightning talks and panels. On the day you can add your name to the list on the whiteboard if you want to do a lightning talk – note that the talks must be obviously relevant to Future Day.

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The past is over; the present is fleeting; we live in the future.

— Ray Kurzweil —

Science, Technology & the Future

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Over the last few decades we have seen unprecedented technological change. Our ability to visualize impacts of technological convergence in the short, medium and long term is detrimental to our survival. With informed estimates of possible futures, we can hope to achieve clearer visions for a better future, let’s leverage growth in powerful new technologies to solve global problems.

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Why Future Day?

Civilization has come very far, we are at an awkward stage in history, one that has not yet been written - though with a little more clarity of focus on that which really matters we can achieve a better future.

Is it just another excuse for a holiday?

Is it about a nerd fetish for pop scifi? No, not really, but if anyone wants to come dressed as their favourite scifi hero, thats fine too!

It’s always good to have more reasons to celebrate! And what could be more important to celebrate than the amazing possibilities offered by the future?

The past has a tendency to dominate human thinking — all too often we let our lives be driven by habit, cringe at the prospect of change, and grow too comfortable with status quo, like frogs in a pot slowly coming to boil.

History is an invaluable resource of examples of what to do and what not to do. Things go best when we accept the past, learn from it, and move on.

Since March 1st 2012 Future Day has gone global with events being held many countries and online! The last two years have seen Future Day events in Australia, China, the US, Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Second Life and more.

So why Future Day? Humans love rituals. Holidays provide a fantastic way of channeling peoples’ attention and energy. Another reason to celebrate Future Day each year is to smuggle into people’s lives an ongoing opportunity for focus on inventing the future. Future Day is a way of focusing and celebrating the energy that more and more people around the world are directing toward creating a radically better future.

Lets create the context in which our intended futures thrive – and not just stumble into some default unintentional future.

Ray Solomonoff Quote

“What seems most certain is that the future of man — both scientific and social — will be far more exciting than the wildest eras of the past.” — Ray Solomonoff

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  • Humanity is on the edge of understanding that our future will be astoundingly different from the world we’ve lived in these last several generations. Accelerating technological change is all around us, and transformative solutions are near at hand for all our problems, if only we have the courage to see them. Future Day helps us to foresee our personal potentials, and acknowledge that we have the power to pull together and push our global system to a whole new level of collective intelligence, resiliency, diversity, creativity, and adventure. Want to help build a more foresighted culture? Don’t wait for permission, start celebrating it now!

    — John Smart —
  • “The human animal evolved to survive and flourish in a world that didn’t change very much or very rapidly. But thanks to our own wonderful intellectual and cultural advancement, we find ourselves instead in a world of accelerating change. To deal with this situation effectively, we need to re-focus our minds, individually and collectively, on the future rather than the past. We need to embrace the wild uncertainty and promise of the future with both rationality and imagination. And we need to do it now! Future Day is one step — maybe an important one — in the process of humanity reorienting itself toward accelerating change and future-awareness. After all, we already have a heck of a lot of holidays focusing on the past — it’s about time for one that focuses on the future!!

    — Ben Goertzel —
  • Let’s aim for something better than a default future. The change we can make is in the present – we can work towards achieving our intended futures now by shaping the contexts in which we will be able to solve our most complex problems in this increasingly nonlinear and rapidly changing world.

    — Adam Ford —

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Future Day Venue : 110 Grey St East Melbourne


Unitarian Hall 110 Grey St East Melbourne near Fitzroy Gardens. Parking at rear of building.


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